Malaysia Credit Cards

Provider Rate Type Updated

The indicated rate is annual purchase rate for the CIMB Visa Gold product. To receive this rate you are required to consecutively for 12 months settle the minimum balance on time. Otherwise rates from 17% p.a to 18% p.a may apply. The card has 20 interest free days applicable for new purchases or retail transactions from the statement date.  Please note the cash transaction charges are charged at 18% p.a. For exact conditions, charges and application form please visit the CIMB bank website.

-Mar 2018
Maybank Credit Card Visa Classic

This product has a RM60 Annual Fee and requires a minimum income of RM30,000 requirement when applying for this card as well as being 21 years+ for primary card holders. The annual interest payment can vary 15% to 18%. The 15% rate will applying to customers who have prompt repayments for 12 consecutive months who will then qualify for this rate. Note their are 20 days interest free on purchases if you pay the full balance of the previous months transactions. Please visit the Maybank website for exact conditions and fees required by this card product. 

-Mar 2018