Malaysia Savings Accounts

Provider Rate Type Updated
Maybank Savings Account

This interest rate applies to the 'm2u Savers' product and requires an initial deposit of RM250 , a minimum blance of RM 2,000 for interest and a minimum balance to maintain of RM250. The currency used for this account is MYR,  Malaysian ringgit. The interest rate requirements vary according to your deposit include:

Balance of RM2000 to RM50,000 - 2.10%p.a

Balance above RM50,000 - 2.30%p.a

-Mar 2018
CIMB Bank Current Account

The rate applies to the 'Prime' chequeing account type which requires you to be at least 18 years or over and is available to Malaysian citizens, foreigners and permanent residents. It is an Interest bearing account which has tiered interest based on account balance. The minimum initial deposit balance required is RM 1,000 with balances above RM5,000 being paid interest. This account has has a daily ATM withdrawal limit up to RM10,000 and has an optional ATM card with cheque book.

up to 2.00%
-Mar 2018